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Endorsement from Chair of Board of Selectmen, Bob Haarde

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the town of Sudbury as your selectman for the last nine years. As I look to the new challenges ahead, I’m filled with optimism. Over the last decade we have raised the level of debate, and we are stronger for it.

The Board of Selectmen has gone through many changes during my tenure. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s the importance of maintaining open, thoughtful dialogue within our board and with the entire community. We are most successful when we listen to everyone so we are not beholden to special interests or political committees. I urge you to look beyond the surface of the campaign and examine each candidate’s experience and actions to determine if they are the right people to preserve what we love about Sudbury.

This is what I have done, and this is why, on Monday, March 25, I will be voting for Bill Schineller and Joe Laferrera.

To state it plainly, Joe is an articulate, common-sensed guy. His family has called Sudbury home for the past 25 years, and he has stepped forward as a leader on issues like Davis Field and Melone. You may or may not have agreed with his positions, but you cannot deny his natural ability as a leader. As a selectman, Joe will be an effective leader advocating for our community.

Schineller is forward-thinking, analytical, and full of heart. No one can deny Bill’s dedication to Sudbury. For 14 years he has volunteered in the community. His volunteer spirit has taken him from coaching soccer, to selling Boy Scout Christmas trees, to advocating at the Statehouse to protect Sudbury’s priceless natural beauty and resources. The breadth of his volunteerism has resulted in meeting and listening to residents across town to understand the diverse issues we face. His creative ideas, meticulous research and the relationships he has developed with influential legislators will make him an effective selectman.

I have worked with Bill Schineller and Joe Laferrera as community leaders preserving Sudbury’s environment and character. I have seen both of them successfully advocate for important causes. They are passionate and committed to protecting our open-space land and preserving the legacy of our town.

Please join me on Monday, March 25, as I confidently cast my votes for Bill Schineller and Joe Laferrera.

—Bob Haarde, Belcher Drive

Committee to Elect Bill Schineller
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