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Letter of Support from Kevin Matthews

When it comes to Sudbury’s future, Bill Schineller gets it. He knows what makes our town valuable — our excellent schools, open space and historic character. He knows high taxes cause empty nesters and seniors to move away. The loss of our seniors hurts our budget for maintaining capital (buildings) and funding our top priority: excellence in education.

The risk of overdevelopment of our town eroding the Sudbury brand and home values is real. We are now above the 10 percent Subsidized Housing Inventory threshold and for now not vulnerable to 40b development. But other candidates wish to build even more housing. Bill will work to prevent the urbanization of Sudbury, making it more liveable for all residents, including our seniors.

Bill is a compassionate, active member of Sudbury, with a 14-year record of volunteering and listening to all constituencies, working across town departments and building relationships with our legislators. Sudbury is one bad decision from having our flat property values start to decline. We need selectmen who get it, will consider all the alternatives and outcomes and will base their decisions on what’s best for Sudbury’s future. Bill gets it, and he works to protect Sudbury.
I am also supporting Joe Laferrera for selectman. We need Joe, who is beholden to no single party or group, and whose common-sense approach to governance will benefit the entire town. Joe knows how to find common ground, but he also knows how to maximize leverage and advance a position forcefully when the situation requires it.

I became familiar with Joe’s leadership style during the debate about Sudbury Station and Quarry North. Joe refused to feed North-versus-South animosity by pushing NIMBY arguments. Instead, he focused on finding ways to exert leverage over the developer to minimize complex size, which at the end contained almost 20 percent fewer units than the original proposal.

Joe has an investment-inspired approach: Tax dollars spent today should benefit Sudbury well into the future. Sudbury requires a more forward-looking, sustainable approach to capital investment and maintenance. Fairbank Community Center has fallen into disrepair because regular maintenance was deferred, leaving a multimillion-dollar problem for our town. Joe knows how to preserve Sudbury’s character as well as its assets.

In closing, I urge you to vote for Schineller and Laferrera for Selectman on March 25.

— Kevin J. Matthews, Haynes Road

Committee to Elect Bill Schineller
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